KRX Aesthetics is where art of Korean skincare meets the science of beauty. 


See and experience the transformative world of Korean cosmeceuticals, crafted to elevate your and your client's skincare routine to a new height.


Discover the essence of transformative formulations, blending time-honored Korean skincare traditions with cutting-edge scientific advancements


Each formula is a testament to our commitment to quality, effectiveness, and the pursuit of the perfect “modern-holistic” skin treatment approach.


Join us on a journey of rejuvenation with our clinically proven solutions, addressing specific skincare concerns with precision and care. 


We invite you to explore our online haven, where beauty meets science, and tradition meets innovation. 


Let us embrace the radiant glow that comes from a skincare ritual enriched by the best of Korean cosmeceutical expertise.


Revitalize your skin, enhance your beauty – experience the transformative touch of KRX Aesthetics. 


Welcome to a new era in skincare.

About Us

   KRX Aesthetics caters to aesthetic field, professional salon, and clinical products. 

      Established to the professional industry since 2016, owned by Dermhub Laboratories Pte. Ltd that has offices and/or warehouse in Singapore, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates. 


Dermhub Laboratories Pte. Ltd owns various brands such as Pfect-A, Krx Cosmetics, Beauty Body Factorie, Beauty Hair Factory, Bauvella, Infinite Rx, Phillip Taylors, and Rshockd.


Krx Aesthetics products are Formulated, Manufactured and Assembled only in South Korea, by professionals specialized in Cosmeceutical and/or Derma Cosmetics in a KFDA (KCA), CGMP and ISO Certified Facility. 


Our vision is to create a platform where all professionals can grow, not only by providing service that uses our products, but by also elevating their business by becoming a part of our team.


KRX works with the best Medical Skin Professionals locally & internationally to be able to create, formulate and even market safe and effective products catered to our Industry.




Join Our Team

Grow with us, be an exclusive representative in your state/country.

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