Bioherb 50


70% milder than Green Sea Peel therefore it is very safe to use at home especially for clients who love the green sea peel, and could not keep up with the repeated downtime, due to lifestyle.

This gel can be used when they have reached 4 sessions or they want to rest from Green Sea peel or just as a weekly at home treatment.


Depending on skin thickness and sensitivity, this gel can be used 1-2 times a week, and will cause NO to very minimal micropeelings or dryness.

Although we recommend a once a week treatment, especially when also doing facial services.

This can also be an option for individuals who cannot tolerate Green sea peel due to their pain tolerance, work, or lifestyle.


The effect of this gel is similar to the green sea peel effects like brightening, smoothening, glowing and glossy appearance, lesser acne and anti ageing, due to the product formulation and collagen renewal effect, it also helps minimize wrinkles.


Though the effect may be a lesser than how Green Sea peel works, especially for clients who havent tried green sea peel and are expecting the same huge difference/results.

Client who have tried or have been using Green Sea peel will benefit by using the gel as their maintenance, and or resting support before their next session of green sea peel.


This gel is a treatment product and should not be used everyday, or as a replacement of your normal cream.

SPF is highly recommended in the daytime to avoid pre mature ageing and sun damage.

This gel should be use only at night, 1-2 times a week depending on skin tolerance.

This gel  should not be combined with any AHA/BHA treatments as it may over stimulate/exfoliate and  irritate the skin.


This treatment gel should not be used when under Green sea peel downtime , or any other chemical peel, laser downtime, an individual should wait when the skin has recovered (about 10 days) before using our renewal peel.

This treatment gel similar to green sea peel may feel a little stinging and/or sandy sensation for a day or 2. But the sensation is 70% lesser than Green Sea Peel.


This MAY or MAY NOT cause micropeelings, mini sheddings on skin as results still depends on skin tolerance and sensitivity. As an exfoliator skin will get the recommended exfoliation and implantation of 50,000 Hydrolyed Sea Sponge particles, regardless when skin shed or not.


This gel can be used in any parts of the body, but please be cautious when using in areas where constant rubbing may occur and is prone to pigmentation
•Inner Thighs

This is also a great treatment gel for elbows, knees, knuckles, ankles and all the rough and thickened areas in our body.